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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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a wide look at georgia avenue, randolph road, in montgomery county, we still see snow on the ground and traffic is moving. can you believe it, 45 degrees, and temperatures are definitely above freezing today. and that's welcome news to people still digging out from
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the blizzard of 2016. and good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm andrea roane. let's get to meteorologist howard bernstein with the first alert forecast. howard, you have lifted the yellow alert. >> spotty freezing rain this morning. it looks like the showers today will hold off until late, with some showers around tonight. quite a fetch of moisture coming in from texas and louisiana up to knoxville, and southwestern virginia and southern west virginia. this will take several hours to reach us. i think we're in pretty good shape for the afternoon, with the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. and it has been a significant warmup across much of the region. the district is 13 degrees warmer. and the warm weather has come through, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s, with a few spots 50. norfolk, 52 degrees. it looks like we will cool down a little bit for thursday. for this afternoon, mid, if not upper 40s.
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and then as the afternoon rolls on, lower 40s this evening with showers around. especially south and east. tonight, tomorrow, andrea, again, a little bit cooler, and then friday looks chilly but the weekend, pretty good news about that. and the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. first full day of service for metro post-blizzard, it was a rough one for some subway riders. four orange line stations were shut down because of snow and ice on the tracks. and metro made that decision early this morning, after some overnight testing. and the silver line is also shut down, but that was announced way in advance. we have more from the west falls church station, which is closed and a shuttle bus is taking riders to a station that is open. where are they going. >> reporter:: at any -- that's right, they will head to boston. this is a service alert, it says metro is closed due to blizzard conditions. and all morning long, metro riders have been picked up, right here in front of the station, by a shuttle bus, that runs every 10 minutes.
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metro is apologizing about the inconvenience, as crews still try to clean up those tracks. >> some people arrived to the west falls church train station, they were surprised to see the gates closed, and a shuttle service for metro riders. christian demures didn't expect a delay on his way into work. >> it is frustrating especially when you hear one thing last night, saying the orange line is up and running. and you can plan your day. >> early this morning, metro issued an alert about overnight trouble on the tracks. officials say they discovered an icy problem on the third rail. and test trains were not moving like they should, because power could not be sustained. because of this metro call, they shut down four orange line stations. falls church and also this one. shuttle service is provided at each one. >> it is a little frustrating but i know crews are working hard to figure this out as fast as possible. so going with the flow. >> reporter: today the metro rail station reopened with services on five lines including the green line, as
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riders felt relief. and we caught up with this man on the way home to work, riding his bike from college park to silver spring. >> i have begun to have a nice comfortable ride home and i don't have to ride in the cold today. >> reporter: now, earlier, we learned that the green line did have a couple of track issues, i spoke with metro officials, just a few moments ago, and they say those issues have resolved. as far as the four orange line stations, there is no word just yet on when the tracks will be ready for business. reporting live this afternoon, from northern virginia, wusa 9. >> thank you. and we have just gotten word that prince george's county public schools will be closed tomorrow, again on wednesday, prince george's county public schools closed. a complicated snow removal effort is under way in montgomery county. and it is stalling traffic in the local lanes. sky 99 was over the operation on i-270 around the montrose lane exit. machines that chew up the snow are heading southbound and blowing the snow on to the local lanes. that is followed by big plows that come behind to finish the
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job, throwing still more snow on to those side lanes. the mounds of snow made fighting a fire at an auxiliary building belonging to fourth presbyterian school a nightmare for crews. luckily no one was hurt. some of the equipment rushing to the scene became stuck because of the snow. >> we had to get to the hydrant. that was the biggest challenge. and had to make sure everything was set up and ready to go for when they called for water. and then we had a plow coming through. so that posed a big challenge trying to get him by, past all of the cars that were set up, and being set and ready to go. we had to let him by. that was probably the biggest challenge. >> the fire officials are reminding residents to do their part. they need them to clear the snow from around hydrants. in the neighborhoods. so they are easier to get to. in an emergency. and the snow dragon is here in dc to help melt away the city snow. the giant snow melter is on loan from the indianapolis
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airport authority, and it arrived at rfk last night. the snow dragon can melt up to four dumpsters full of snow at a time and they need to find a drain large enough to handle all of that snow. >> you put some water in it, and you put the snow in it and then the hot water melts the snow and it comes out, the water comes out the end, the outlet valve. >> and it is mobile, too. >> yes, it is mobile. you can actually melt snow as you move. you just need a drain to be able to let the water out. >> they hope dc buying a snow dragon because they no longer use it at the indianapolis airport. it could be a good investment. delia goncalves has a look at how shops in the southeast are trying to get back to normle. >> back to business in downtown anacostia, mlk avenue, the main road looks great down to the pavement. sidewalks are looking good too.
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and now the parking lot. at the big fish, they are shoveling, with purpose. trying to get back to business. >> yes. yes, unfortunately, yes. >> unfortunately, because you have been out of business for how many days, for three day, ma'am. >> the supply truck is standing by and the owner hopes to serve meals at the lunch counter, but first, across the street, before new business comes to the shop, mechanics have to take care of the blizzard backlog. today, they are working on cars from friday. >> today is going to be warm, and everything else. it starts melting. and everybody get back to normal. and dig these cars out so i can work on them. >> work throughout the city has been around the clock. and dump trucks hauling snow into rfk lots that will eventually be melted down, in this snow dragon. meanwhile, back on mlk -- >> the big one is up there. >> god has the biggest snow
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melter of all. >> reporter: in anacostia, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> sky 9 was over the scene of this water main break in laurel this morning. the broken main flooded the intersection of fourth street and montrose avenue. crews put down salt and cinder to keep the water from freezing. so far, no reports of water outages. we expect repairs and have the streets closed most of the day. and 72 hours after the snow stopped falling, northern virginia is still trying to remove the snow from the cars and roads. v-dot says they hope to have at least one passable lane in each subdivision, by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. and nikki burdine has been in fairfax all morning long, and joins us with an update on just how they are doing. >> lucky enough to enjoy a couple of nice snow days and you are now going back to work, you are in for a rude awakening, like this guy, you will have a lot of snow, to get off of your car, and unfortunately, your troubles, they don't end there. >> digging out is definitely the worse.
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and they plow it, and it re- freezes, and every night, it is like every night it is a struggle to dig out every morning. >> and once you get on the roads, more struggles. most neighborhood streets are not even plowed. >> it is difficult getting out of my neighborhood. cars are getting stuck. >> the main roads are in good shape. lots of black stop showing but the down side is the snow sneaking into the lanes makes it too narrow for cars to pass. high snowbanks make it hard for drivers to see beyond the wall. and new challenges for snowplow crews. >> i have been driving this truck for four days but i am having a hard time finding diesel fuel. >> eric fletcher went to seven gas stations this morning, before finally finding some gas. >> i don't ever remember it being like this. so many big trucks on the road, and just the demand is so great. >> some people are still stranded or stuck, unable to get their cars out. mike who hasn't been home since friday. >> i have been trying to go back home. but with the roads, you know, the conditions, i just am
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taking my time. >> thankfully the sun is out and the snow is melting. not soon enough, for some people. >> yes, it was nice the first day. but now i am kind of done. >> in fairfax, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> we have already heard about some schools closing in virginia, tomorrow, they are running at the bottom of the jean, you can get the -- screen, you can get the latest closing and delay information on our free wusa 9 app whenever you want. up next, see what happens when an officer on patrol comes face to face with an out of control tractor trailer. >> and we are only 12 days away from super bowl-50. you can watch the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos right here, february 7. on wusa 9.
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this afternoon, an ohio police captain is telling a terrifying story about a brush with death. now, this happened three weeks ago but the county sheriff's office has just released this incredible video, showing a semi running over captain brad
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moore as he is directing traffic. the dash camera is recording as he is sent flying violently. moore says he remembers seeing a train hit the trailer and then feeling the impact of the semi. >> i think i'm staying in a safe area, because i'm hard right to the semi and you can see it kind of jackknife and in the video, it shoots it, almost to a 90-degree angle into me. >> wow. moore says the small incline near a bush sent him rolling to safety and received 25 stitches for two gashes on his head and broke his left hand but lucky to be alive. a rough day for people trying to hail a cab in france. that's because taxi drivers have gone on strike. and they have shut down roads and highways, across the country. some drivers have even set tires on fire as riot police moved in. the drivers are protesting working condition and competition from uber. some drivers claim their revenues have fallen in the past few months by 30 to 50%. they are joining air traffic controllers, civil servants,
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and primary schoolteachers, who are also on strike. howard is up next with the forecast. >> andrea, it feels pretty good out here. yesterday morning, we had single digits. now in the 40s. and a few spots in the 50s. and it feels pretty good. but we have colder air on the way, for your wednesday. i will have that seven-day forecast, looking ahead toward the coming weekend, when we return.
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getting dc back. let's listen in, as dc mayor miewrl mural bowser has snow removal progress. >> we are expecting another to arrive today as well.
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so we, the district moved a lot of snow. i think it has been reported that 3.5 million cubic feet fell on washington, d.c., so as we plow, the removal operation continues as well. let me say, a word about sidewalks. again, we are very grateful to all of the dc residents who have cleared their sidewalks. even more grateful to the many volunteers who helped senior citizens and people with disabilities clear their sidewalks as well. as our kids go back to school tomorrow, it is imperative that all residential sidewalks are clear. let me also say a thing about commercial sidewalks. business owners you are required by law to remove snow from your sidewalks. and we are beyond the time limit that you are supposed to do so. i had the opportunity to walk down connecticut avenue yesterday, and there were, in one block, there were two
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property owners who had failed to clear their sidewalks. we will begin to enforce the commercial sidewalk snow- clearing provisions of the law, so you must get out and remove snow from your sidewalks immediately. let me just give everybody a reminder of some of the responsibilities that we all have, with regard to clearing the snow. we are certainly focused, the government, on our roads, on our public buildings, in making sure that they are accessible, and also making sure that access to the metro stations is available as well. the residents of course, are responsible for the snow in front of their home. we also ask for your help, and looking out for the fire hydrants, and the sewer drains. try to remove the snow from in front of the drains. if you live close to a bus stop, we can really use your help as well in removing and
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clearing a path from the bus stop to the street. i think everybody snows, but let me remind you, that the district doesn't clear snow from alleys. and so that is why we are really dependent on mother nature to help us melt, and many neighbors who band together to clear an entrance to the alleys. the snow emergency will be lifted tomorrow wednesday, 6:30 p.m. wednesday, 6:30 p.m. you may not park in the snow emergency route for the rest of the day. and tomorrow, through 6:30 p.m. which when the snow emergency is lifted, so are the taxi cab commission rules that affect fares. so the snow emergency will remain in effect, all day today, and all day tomorrow, through 6: 30 p.m. and let me also remind drivers, your vehicle, don't park your
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car illegally. and that includes parking it, kind of in the middle of the street next to the snowbank. you can only -- a legal space is one that is no more than 12 inches from the curb. so remember to park legally. we need to be able to move traffic. parked cars are taking up a lane, it is going to make for a very difficult commute. this is an infraction enforceable by a ticket. so please, everybody, only park in legal spaces. so let me again thank my team, all of dc government, and the contractors we have hired that have been working nonstop to help us respond and recover from this blizzard. so let me now turn to director gelhart for a brief operational update. >> all right, we have been listening to mayor muriel bowser with her regular press conference, and one of the things she said, dc public schools will be opening tomorrow. the snow emergency will be lifted at 6:30 p.m. wednesday. and also a second snow dragon is coming to dc to help melt
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the snow. and these can dump up to -- can melt up to four dumpster loads a snow at a time. so a second one is coming to join the one that is already here. and mother nature is helping with the melt as well. and i'm joined by howard bernstein. yes, sure is. temperatures in the 40s and a few 50-degree readings and we may get a few degrees warmer which is fine. a nice easy organized meltdown. and not a flood here. we will show you the afternoon's day planner. we will see a couple of showers develop as the afternoon wears on, with the temperatures climbing well up into the 40s. mid to upper 40s. and this evening, with a few showers around. especially south and east. and we will fall into the lower 40s. and north and west, we may get a couple of upper 20s. i caution you, early tomorrow morning, watch out again, for some isolated slick spots. 36 in cumberland right now. but 52 in fredericksburg. and orange. and it is 50 in reedville and annapolis. and 45 in the district. and 39 at frederick. and 45 in leesburg. and very comfortable, midday, here, compared to what we had just a couple of days ago.
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with 45, slight wind chill, feeling like 41 and the humidity, at 56%. so we are looking at highs today in the 40s. and unless the cold air from madison, to chicago, to detroit, and that is going to move toward us tomorrow, so tomorrow won't be as warm. we will be 40-ish, give or take, with pittsburgh only at the freezing mark. we have a little bit of a cool down coming for the day tomorrow. what we are looking at for tonight, see how the moisture comes in from the south, across tennessee, moving in toward southwestern virginia and parts of west virginia, that will be here later this afternoon, ahead of this cold front, and the chillier weather for tomorrow. 30s to about 40. and maybe a couple of low 40s. and then another warmup thursday, before we cool down again on friday. and a couple of showers here by 10:00, and now most of this is south and east of i-95. and see that little flare-up for a few hours. but by tomorrow morning, just about all of it is going to be down toward the northern neck. the peninsula here. pulling away. and then on wednesday, temperatures around 40. we will certainly get more melting in. and thursday, a little bit milder, ahead of the next system, and which is going to
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be arriving here by thursday night, into friday. and that is going to bring another shot of cold air, so friday, i think we will get some snow showers thursday night into the morning hours on friday. it should help the ski area, as we get toward the weekend. friday's highs in the 30s. but i think by the week, we are going to be back close to 50 here one more time. the three-day forecast, today, 47, and spotty showers, and more so tonight. and 34 overnight. with those showers mainly south and east of town. and 40 tomorrow. some early clouds giving way to sunshine. and thursday, sunny and seasonable. 44. and by friday, 35 degrees. it is going to be chilly. and perhaps a couple of flurries, over the weekend, boy that is looking nice and mild. we will have more melting, and the high temperatures around the 50-degree mark. we will be right back with more in just a moment.
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in the montgomery county web site that shows the progress of the snowplows giving residents false hope, digging for answers tonight, on wusa 9 at 5:00. plus, we are checking on the neighborhoods throughout the dmv, where residents are telling us, they are not seeing any plows. and of course, we will have the latest on metro's closed stations. tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00. my wife reports that the plows are in the neighborhood next to ours, so perhaps today we will see the blacktop. >> nearby. >> we are getting there. >> weather watch, very comfortable out there. temperatures are up in the 40s. and we are seeing a few folks in the 50-degree mark. so we are melting nicely. and some spotty showers later on tonight. and some showers around, and warm enough that we will fall in the form of rain and north and west, they will be drier but colder and we will have a few slick spots there. a little bit milder on thursday. and friday looks chilly, in the 30s and then over the weekend, we are back to the 50-degree mark. so i think we will have a nice
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organized meltdown of this amazing snow pack. >> that's it for wusa 9 news. the next news at 5:00. hear the rest of the bowser press conference and get all of the latest school closes and delays on our mobile app. have a great day.
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